Why isnt itunes updating my ipod Sexchat thai

This can happen when you attempt to upgrade the firmware on the phone (something we do rather often with Apples constant updates).

Keep in mind, you can’t use the phone whatsoever when it’s in this recovery mode. You can restore the phone (you’ll lose your data), or you can simply turn the device on and off and that can work. Thanks to Salon for this good set of tips: Push the “Home” button on the front and the “Sleep/Wake” button on the top of the i Phone.

If you want to sync these things with i Tunes, you'll have to turn the switches off and stop them syncing with i Cloud.

If i Tunes or the i OS software on your phone is not up to date, it might not be able to sync. i Tunes will normally check for updates whenever it opens, but here's how you can check manually and get it updated.

i Tunes displays a notification that it “has detected an i Phone in Recovery Mode.” Click “OK.” Click the i Phone icon on the left side of the i Tunes window, and select the “Summary” tab on the right side of the window if is not on top already. If i Tunes displays a message asking if you would like to back up the contents of the device, click the “Back Up” button to save your data.

Note that this prompt may not appear when the i Phone is in Recovery Mode.

Click the “Restore” button to confirm that you want to exit Recovery Mode by restoring the i Phone to its original factory state. Click “OK” to set your i Phone up and transfer your data back to the device after the recovery is finished.

These fixes also work if you're having problems with an i Pad, or i Pod touch.

If any of them are turned on, then they're being synced with i Cloud, and you won't be able to sync that type of thing with i Tunes, since it can only sync to one place at a time.

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