Updating public folder takes 90 cpu

To start off, we will take a Reboot Cycle trace of a problem machine and load it into Windows Performance Analyzer.Right away, it should be clear that this machine has some serious issues.I commonly see complaints about how Group Policy processing is so slow!Most of the time, the issue isn’t with Group Policy itself but rather rests with the way an administrator configured it.

For information about other counters relevant to Exchange 2010, see Performance and Scalability Counters and Thresholds.I have had issues with Group Policy Scripts and Applications in the past.I have a hunch that one of these could be my issue.CPU, Disk, and Memory usage of our troublesome machine Looking at the graphs above, we can easily see that a resource bottleneck isn’t an issue. Comparing processes to GPClient Graph selection in WPA is incredibly intuitive.By selecting the GPClient subscriber in the top graph, dividers are automatically created in the bottom (Processes) graph.

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