Speed dating game esl

~SThis is a very interesting game for communcation and fluency.

To make it more interesting (and fun) give male characters to female students and vice versa.

You also might want to go through a short example before you begin (*explained later). Shuffle them up and hand them out so each student has a card - male characters don't necessarily have to go to the boys, and vice versa!

The teams tape their cards to the board and brainstorm two more superheroes. Each team will make a brief report to their classmates.Step 4: Provide the students with a copy of the ‘Thunderbolt Woman’ profile card (see Appendix B).Select student volunteers to read the items on the profile card.I've been asking for help a lot recently so thought I'd give something back in the form of an activity I did with a class of 4me that worked very well.It's called 'Speed Dating' and is basically exactly what it says on the tin.

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