Rihanna dating josh hartnett dating women another country

He's the kind of guy who I'd want to go to the gym with me if I wanted to learn how to bulk up, because he'd probably be knowledgeable and encouraging and nonjudgmental.

Plus, if I'm being honest, I'd rather see him in the showers afterward than the weird old guys in my gym that walk around naked.

But Josh Hartnett hooks up with a lot of pretty girls. Part of his reply involved something to the effect of ‘you weren’t supposed to ask me about that…’ That’s the power of live TV, hoss.

In related news, another Hollywood stud once linked to Rihanna was arrested for being drunk in a Chicago area pharmacy.

Josh Hartnett has recently opened up his relationship with Scarlett Johnsson and other A-list actress he has dated.

Also, Rihanna was said to be going out with Shia La Beouf a couple of months ago. When I interviewed the Hotnett less than two weeks ago, he said he’d been dating his current girlfriend for A YEAR!

He gets bonus points for being in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Also, I understand you're all going crazy for his new abs.

"You can make a lot of enemies in the business that way. He dated actresses like Kelly Clarkson, Julia Stiles, Kristen Dunst, Scarlett Johnsson, Gemma Ward, Rihanna, Penelope Cruz, Amanda Seyfried and many others.

But when you work with somebody every day, it's like trial dating. He told the magazine he never bragged to his friends about being in a relationship with hot Hollywood girls.

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