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Coming down on the side of Karachi girls, Sethin Dubai wrote: "When we mention Lahori girls ofcourse we are referring to girls from Punjab and Punjabi women from all parts..... Sindhi women have hardly been seen by public (except for benazir!!

) because the feudal style of the culture which is existing there doesnt allow that.

"Many available singles meet online around the world on a daily basis.

I am more interested in the great rift which divides Pakistani cities from the countryside.

Sahil Jaan posts on pkhope: "Anyone can love a rose, but it takes an amazing deal to love a leaf.

Do not love someone who is beautiful just because of the attractive side but love the one who really can make your life beautiful.

You could probably find more nightclubs in a small section of the United Arab Emirates, than you would in the whole of Pakistan.

As in old Japan, the arranged marriage still rules here.

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