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Donnie shrugged it off, as he did the other things people said about Jorge: that O’Neil had recently fired him from the cafe; that he’d been banned from O’Neil’s house for throwing wild parties while the American was away.

Jorge went everywhere with Donnie, translating for him by day and sleeping in the same house at night.

The same charisma that had made him the center of attention as a kid in Chevy Chase — leading his little brother Chris and their friends through Rock Creek Park, refereeing fights after school at Blessed Sacrament, captaining dodgeball games — made him popular in the gay-friendly resort town.“If you’re continuing to be hopeful, don’t,” the expert said after Donnie told him the kidnappers had gone quiet.“I’ll tell you right now that your brother is dead.” Donnie’s phone rang just hours after he’d left Mazatlan.Police had found O’Neil’s body, his youngest brother, Chris, told him, and they had arrested Jorge.Six years after Brian’s murder, O’Neil had fallen prey to a similar trap — one allegedly orchestrated by his best friend.

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Jorge had sounded the alarm over O’Neil’s disappearance and pressured police to investigate, Soto argued.

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