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Foxy’s appearance on ‘I Shot Ya’ was her way of forcing entry into the rap game.

Lyrics: Foxy Brown: gea Shyne: GEA Walk with me (Come on) Foxy: Gea It's like New York's been soft ever since My nigga Shyne been sittin in prison Yeah Verse 1 Shyne: Check it (ugh) Sick things, sick rings, this shit is sickenin Sick chain, sick aim, 5th bame, 5th frame Bail money Lawyers acting funny when I come through, hit em wit a bundle On the humble Couple notes Seen warlords with the rolls Shit I want one too what the fuck I'm gon do?

For those who weren’t paying close enough attention, the Brown Fox was a carbon copy of Lil’ Kim.

” On the second or third listen though, it’s clear that Foxy was all woman, giving details — in her huskiest voice — on how pretty girls could take advantage of silly men with disposable cash.The track was the rapper’s second single from her debut LP and it immediately caught fire on urban radio.‘I’ll Be’ was inescapable in 1997 and Jay-Z’s guest appearance only helped in its popularity.In the dice game Cee-Lo, rolling a “4, 5, 6″ is an automatic win. Foxy has always been proud of her Trinidadian heritage, but in 2001, she sprinkled her island roots throughout her third album, ‘Broken Silence.’ It was a welcome change to her sound and Foxy sounded more at ease here than ever.On the single ‘Tables Will Turn,’ she joined forces with dancehall’s Baby Cham to give the streets a reggae-tinged party anthem.

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Here, The highlights the Top 10 Foxy Brown Songs that show her maturation from being the ‘Ill Na Na’ to breaking her silence.

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