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Second, even if your vintage thread creating more lint, it’s not an issue.Simply clean your machine regularly, which you should be doing anyway. Is the rule about not using old threads based on a few people who inherited entire thread collections that were stored in damp places and had terrible experiences with those (because thread that gets damp does need to be thrown out)? in Massachusetts founded 1845 Purchased by Belding Heminway and renamed Nonotuck Silk Co. 1997 — Shareholders of Belding Heminway Company, Inc.1849 Heminway & Sons founded 1857 Belding Bros & Co. Corticelli was selected as a brandname to compete with desireable Italian Silks. 1888 Heminway Bartlett founded 1900 Kitten logo adopted by Belding Bros. approved the sale of its Thread Division and a change of the company’s name to Carlyle Industries, Inc.In 60 years time the seams of the garments I’ve been sewing with vintage thread, and have been wearing and sweating in and washing, may be falling apart.But I suspect the stuff I’m sewing with brand-new Gutterman may be as well.Yet over, and over on the internet I hear ‘never use old thread’, ‘thread has a shelf life’, ‘vintage thread just isn’t strong enough and doesn’t work right’, ‘old threads are thicker’.I use new thread for commissions and when sewing with students, so I’ve been able to compare new with old on the same machines, and even on different projects in the same fabrics.

The Clarks were weavers and to combat the shortage of silk hand-sewing thread during the Napoleonic Wars, Patrick Clark twisted together serveral cotton yarns which proved superior to silk thread.

As many of you may know, I love using vintage fabrics, and vintage threads.

I inherited hundreds of threads from Grandma and Nana, and buy old thread at op-shops whenever I see it.

Polyester thread is certainly stronger for its width compared to cotton thread, but my new cottons are no stronger or thinner than my old ones.

It can’t be that it’s just that my vintage threads were stored properly, as they come from so many different sources.

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