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These methods are a significant departure from most of the latest AI research related to language.Today, top researchers typically exploring methods that seek to , not create a new language.The world is simple, just a big white square—all of two dimensions—and the bots are colored shapes: a green, red, or blue circle. The world allows the bots to create their own language as a way collaborating, helping each other complete those tasks.

Mordatch and his collaborators, including Open AI researcher and University of California, Berkeley professor Pieter Abbeel, question whether that approach can ever work, so they're starting from a completely different place.He's building virtual worlds where software bots learn to create their own language out of necessity.As detailed in a research paper published by Open AI this week, Mordatch and his collaborators created a world where bots are charged with completing certain tasks, like moving themselves to a particular landmark.As Mordatch says: "We can reduce the success of dialogue to: Did you end up getting to the green can or not?"To build their language, the bots assign random abstract characters to simple concepts they learn as they navigate their virtual world.

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In Silicon Valley, chatbot is now a bona fide buzzword. He's a roboticist who began his career as an animator.

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